Foundational Reading and Writing: A Reciprocal Relationship


Introducing our Science of Reading in Action podcast series! In our first episode, literacy author and expert Dr. Young-Suk Kim delves into how Foundational Skills within reading and writing are interconnected. Click the player below to listen to part one!

Part 1: Foundational Reading and Writing: A Reciprocal Relationship

Show Notes: Dr. Young-Suk Kim’s DIEW Model


Part 2: Foundational Reading and Writing: A Reciprocal Relationship

In part two, literacy author and expert Dr. Young-Suk Kim explores cutting-edge research in writing development and practical implementation tips for elevating instruction.

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Dr. Young-Suk Kim is a professor and Senior Associate Dean at the School of Education, University of California, Irvine. A former classroom teacher, she focuses on language and literacy development and effective instruction for diverse students, aiming to provide them with a strong educational foundation for long-term success.

Dr. Kim’s extensive research encompasses various aspects of literacy, including written composition, reading comprehension, reading fluency, oral language, listening comprehension, dyslexia, higher-order cognitive skills, and reading-writing relations. Her research has received over $60 million in grants from the Institute of Education Sciences, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the National Science Foundation.

Currently, Dr. Kim holds the positions of Editor-In-Chief for Scientific Studies of Reading and Chair of the Vocabulary SIG for the American Educational Research Association.

Sarah Von Heal is a Literacy Product Marketing Manager at Savvas Learning and a former classroom teacher at Seminole County Public Schools in Florida. She holds a Masters in Education (MEd) from the University of Florida.

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