Learning To Read: What Really Matters with Dr. Judy Wallis


We all have beliefs that we consider critical for student literacy success — our non-negotiables, our hills worth fighting for. Learning to Read: What Really Matters, our newest podcast series, invites trusted literacy experts and myView authors to openly share their deeply held beliefs and experiences.

In our first two episodes, we spoke with Dr. Frank Serafini on multimodal literacy and the future of teaching and Dr. P. David Pearson on the “virtual cycle” of knowledge and comprehension as well as the findings from the recent Reading for Understanding Initiative.

In this installment, I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Judy Wallis- a legend in literacy and in teacher education. Dr. Wallis shares her thoughts on what really matters in literacy instruction, communicating what we value to students, guiding students along the path towards independence and self-determination, and truly taking time to give ourselves grace during this unprecedented time in our society and in education. We even had a chat about the incredible Brené Brown!

Stay tuned for our next installment of Learning to Read: What Really Matters, and please be sure to visit our library of podcasts on all things literacy.

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Jamie Downey

K-5 Literacy Director