2023 Wrapped: The Best Savvas Reels, School Stories, Podcasts, & Blogs of the Year


2023 was a transformative year for those in the field of education. Undoubtedly, the world of K-12 education is advancing in new and exciting ways which means embracing the idea of lifelong learning is essential to enhancing our readiness for a rapidly-changing world.

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, we remain committed to supporting teachers with original, quality content created to inspire and inform. Throughout the year, we delved into important topics, ranging from in-depth explorations into the Science of Reading to practical teaching tips covering a range of STEM, math, and humanities topics in the classroom. Additionally, we shared uplifting stories that showcased schools similar to yours and highlighted educators like yourself.

For those who may have missed any of these valuable insights, we put together a list of the content that resonated the most with educators this year. Take a look.

Top Reels:

Top School Stories:

  • In this School Story, we learn how educators at Johnston County Public Schools in North Carolina are increasing math scores through this strategic plan for high-quality math instruction.
  • Queen Bee District 16 in Illinois reflects on their experience during the height of the pandemic in this School Story. Learn how this resilient school community stayed on track through its dedication to its students and high-quality educational resources.
  • In this School Story, we learn how a New Jersey school district is working to make learning accessible for all students in one of the most racially diverse communities in the country.

Top Podcasts:

  • Tune in to our Science of Reading in Action podcast series! In our first episode, literacy author and expert Dr. Young-Suk Kim delves into how Foundational Skills within reading and writing are interconnected.

  • Join us for a special podcast series that explores how World Languages educators can create more meaningful interactions with culture in their classrooms. In episode one, Auténtico authors Rich Sayers and Peggy Boyles discuss ways educators can create opportunities for their students to investigate and interact with culture at varying levels of language proficiency.

  • Join literacy expert Dr. Sharon Vaughn as she describes the body of research that is the Science of Reading and its implications for literacy instruction.

Top Blogs:

  • Featuring award-winning researcher and author Dr. Sharon Vaughn, the Science of Reading Simplified series shares what every educator should know about the Science of Reading in simplified, straightforward terms. Get teaching tips for the classroom, explore activities to share with families and caregivers, and learn what to look for in teaching materials that use the Science of Reading most effectively.
  • Phonics has been identified by Science of Reading research to be critical to a student’s ability to read and read well. In this blog post, Phonics: A Student’s Key to Decoding Text, we learn about what phonics is and why it’s such a key component to successful reading instruction.
  • Phonological awareness and phonemic awareness can often be overlooked when teaching young learners to read. But studies show that 90 percent of children with significant reading challenges have a core deficit in phonological processing. Read this blog post to find out more how to implement these two critical elements tinto your reading instruction.
  • Why don’t more students associate feelings of joy, wonder, and beauty with mathematics study? What can we, as educators, do to better cultivate these emotional experiences? Join math author Eric Milou as he shares a few essential tips and tricks to help educators spark more joy in the math classroom. Read the blog: How to Foster Wonder Beauty and Joy in the Math Classroom

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