enVision® Mathematics 3-Act Math Modeling: Authentic Engagement with Mathematical Ideas

Students are more engaged in mathematics when they are authentically invested in the task.

By Zachary Champagne and Jennifer M. Suh

An overarching goal of including 3-Act Math lessons in classrooms is to engage students in being both problem posers and problem solvers as they determine solutions to authentic questions. They are put in the driver’s seat as they both pose the questions and determine the solutions to those problems. This sets our students up for success as they become people who can take problems from the real world and mathematize those situations, making wise decisions using the most important tool, mathematics! Early introduction to this idea of modeling allows for a natural progression to the middle and high school standards for mathematical modeling.

Learn about 3-Act Math lessons Tasks and how they engage, involve, and challenge students at all levels.


Authentic Engagement with Mathematical Ideas