enVision® Mathematics – Powering Up Your Visual Learning Practice


We talk a lot about visual learning, especially when it comes to comprehending mathematics. But, how often do we work to make it happen? How many of us have made visual learning part of our daily classroom practice? Research has shown that visual learning strategies are especially appropriate to the teaching and learning of math. In the study “Seeing as Understanding: The Importance of Visual Mathematics for Our Brain and Learning, ” Stanford mathematics professor Jo Boaler makes a strong case for the application of visual learning practice to the teaching of mathematics.

In order to address students today, to engage and inspire them about mathematics, to help them succeed in the study of math, and to prepare them for higher levels of education and the workplace, we must aggressively adopt a more visual approach to the teaching of mathematics. We need to understand the value of visual instruction in mathematics, consider its many benefits, understand the relationships between visual learning and other learning styles, and systematically plan to employ visual learning practice in our work. The need is urgent. It is now our job to make it happen.

Learn about the visual approach of teaching mathematics and understanding the value of visual instruction in the math classroom.


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