myWorld Interactive – The Citizenship Activity Grade 5 Lesson


Encourage active citizenship! This Citizenship activity for Grade 5 of myWorld Interactive provides students with a biographical resource, while modeling civic engagement and civic virtues. In this Quest, students learn what it takes to run for President of the United States.

Quest 17, Elect Me! In this inquiry, your students will write a storyboard for a television advertisement for a presidential candidate. Through their study of current issues, such as immigration and terrorism, students will be preparing to discuss the compelling question at the end of this inquiry.


  • Understand the conflicts that have occurred in the Middle East and the role of the United States in those conflicts.
  • Explain how STEM careers are important to the United States economy.
  • Identify the countries of origin of immigrants to the United States.
  • Understand the responsibility of western countries in supporting human rights campaigns around the world.