Thoughtful Math Instruction: How Do You Know If Students Really Understand?


Professional Learning with Dr. Marian Small

How can we be sure students understand the math concepts we are teaching?

There is a lot more to it than just having correct answers. If a student learns how to apply rules and formulas without understanding why they apply, the student will often struggle to understand which ones to use to solve more complex problems. In contrast, when students truly understand, they are better able to transfer and apply their knowledge to new scenarios.

Watch this free, one-hour webinar featuring Dr. Marian Small, acclaimed mathematics educator and author, as she explores how asking intentional questions can lead to more thoughtful teaching and deeper learning.

Photograph of Dr. Marian Small, acclaimed mathematics educator and author

During this on-demand webinar, Dr. Small will share:

  • Practical tips to deepen students’ math understanding in K-8 classrooms
  • Questioning techniques to check students’ mastery of math concepts
  • Strategies for fostering student engagement in the math classroom
  • Ideas for personalizing instructional models to meet your students’ unique needs and interests

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