NCCER Electrical Level 1, 11th Edition © 2024

NCCER Electrical Level 1, published by Pearson, helps students develop practical skills in electrical systems. Revised content and images reflect the most modern tools, methods, technologies, and best practices.

  • Aligned with the most recent electrical codes
  • Newly designed layout to focus learning
  • 58+ new videos to grasp critical concepts
  • Enhanced NCCERconnect course

Electrical Career Development with Digital Integration

Offer students an electrical CTE course with current standards that provides flexible study options.

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Industry Recognized Authorship

Electrical Level 1 is authored by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER®), a non-profit education foundation created by the construction industry to develop standardized curriculum and credentialing.


Online Learning Capabilities

With NCCERconnect, students can access eTexts and other dynamic resources through the online platform, and teachers can save time with preloaded content and auto-grading assignments.


Real World Examples

Case Histories found in the textbook help students relate to the information they are learning. These stories also show what can go horribly wrong when OSHA regulations are not followed properly.


Prepare Students for Certification

The curriculum for Electrical Level 1 was developed to prepare students for the NCCER Electrician Level 1 Certification exam. We worked with the industry so the skills gained in the class could apply anywhere.

Electrical Systems CTE Teaching Solutions

  • Clarity of Instruction
  • Notes, Cautions, and Warnings
  • Trade Features
  • Going Green Features
  • Review and Reinforcement

Clarity of Instruction

  • Learning Objectives
    Learning objectives for modules are stated at the opening of each new section
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Step-by-step instructions help students to understand what they need to learn and why they need to learn it
  • Trade Terms
    Trade Terms are presented at the beginning of each module then defined in a Glossary at the end. A comprehensive Glossary of Trade Terms is located at the end of the book.

Notes, Cautions, and Warnings

  • Safety Features
    Safety features are set off from main text in highlighted boxes.
  • Danger Potential
    Categories are determined according to the potential danger involved.
  • Flagging Hazards
    Cautions flag a hazardous issue that could cause damage to materials or equipment.
  • Warnings
    Warnings stress a potentially dangerous situation that could result in injury or death to workers.

Trade Features

  • Real-Life Application
    Technical tips and professional practices based on real-life scenarios
  • Designed for Retention
    Kept to a short length so they are easy to remember

Going Green Features

  • Industry-Wide Efforts
    Shows steps being taken within the construction industry to protect the environment and save energy
  • Individual Choices
    Emphasizes choices that can be made on the job to preserve the health of the planet

Review and Reinforcement

  • Additional Resources
    Each section of the module concludes with a list of Additional Resources for further study
  • Section Review
    Section Review questions designed to test students’ knowledge of the Objectives for that section
  • Module Questions
    End-of-module Review Questions reinforce students’ knowledge of the module’s content

Learn more about the industry recognized authorship team.


NCCER Overview

Learn more about the organization we partner with and the resources they provide to create a rich curriculum.

Online Platform for your Electrical Career Technology Curriculum


NCCERconnect prepares students for work as craft professionals by enhancing learning with a range of visual, auditory, and interactive elements. Ideal for blended, virtual, or traditional classroom environments, it's perfect for your craft training course. Teachers can deliver instruction using pre-loaded content and course management tools, streamline training, and track results through the online gradebook.

Additional Electrical Level 1 Resources

  • Downloadable Teacher Resources
  • Lesson Plans
  • PowerPoint® Presentations
  • Printable Exams
  • Performance Profile Sheets

Downloadable Teacher Resources

Access the complete collection of Teacher Resources provided for Plumbing Level 1.

Download Teacher Resources

Lesson Plans

Precreated lesson plans for each module provide the teacher with key instructional support including objectives, teaching time, prerequisites, safety considerations, materials checklists, and more!


PowerPoint® Presentations

Pre-made presentations for each module are available so teachers can easily use them during an in-person lecture or an online class.


Printable Exams

Module exams are provided in PDF format to easily print and administer. An answer key is included.


Performance Profile Sheets

These evaluation sheets provide a space to record ratings for student performance on tasks specific to the module.


Frequently asked questions about Electrical Level 1

  • What topics are included in the Table of Contents?

    1. Occupational Overview: The Electrical Industry
    2. Safety for Electricians
    3. Introduction to Electrical Circuits
    4. Electrical Theory
    5. Introduction to the National Electrical Code
    6. Device Boxes
    7. Hand Bending
    8. Wireways, Raceways and Fittings
    9. Conductors and Cables
    10. Basic Electrical Construction Documents
    11. Residential Wiring
    12. Electrical Test Equipment


  • What grade levels is this text appropriate for?

    Grades 9-12

  • What types of courses is this text best suited for?
    This program is designed for Introductory Electrical courses.
  • What is NCCER?
    The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) was founded in 1996 with the goal of developing a safe and productive workforce with standardized training and credentialing. With over 40 craft and maintenance areas and 6,000+ Training locations, NCCER is the leader in building the next generation of industry professionals.
  • Does the course align to any industry certifications?
    Electrical Level 1 meets the standards for the NCCER Electrical Certification.
  • What Student Resources are available?
    Available student resources include the Hardcover Trainee Guide and NCCERconnect Student Access.
  • What Teacher Resources are available?
    Available Teacher Resources include: NCCERconnect Teacher Access, Lesson Plans, PowerPoint® Presentations, Printable Exams, and Performance Profile Sheets.
  • What are the digital license options?
    Student digital access to NCCERconnect can be bundled with the Trainee Guide or purchased separately for 1 year.

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