Foundations of Teaching © 2024, 1st Edition

Foundations of Teaching, published by Pearson, introduces students to the pivotal role teachers play in forming individuals and shaping society. The text emphasizes the opportunities for teachers to impart knowledge, foster critical thinking, and nurturing the next generation of citizens and leaders.

  • Guide students to consider teaching as a career
  • Address current issues in education and teaching
  • Explore the most effective teaching strategies
  • Investigate evolving technology roles, including AI
  • Prepare for industry-recognized certifications

Embrace and articulate the challenges and rewards of becoming a teacher

Provides a realistic view of the challenging environment faced by today’s teachers including issues of culture, technology, and regulation.


Effectively Integrate Technology

The text explores the growing role of technology in the classroom including post-pandemic remote learning tools and artificial intelligence.


Developing a Professional Mindset

Students learn the importance of developing their own teaching styles and strategies and the importance of ongoing professional development.


Understanding the Education System

Students learn the structures and function of today’s education system including finance, legal, and ethical issues.


Preparing for Certification

The text prepares students for the Teaching as a Profession 1 & 2 certification exams offered by YouScience™.

Inspiring the next generation of education leaders through a well-organized, engaging presentation

  • Clear Organization
  • Extend Learning
  • End-of-Chapter Activities

Clear Organization

  • Learning Objectives
    Learning Objectives begin each chapter.
  • Vocabulary Terms
    Vocabulary Terms clearly defined in the margins.
  • Check Your Understanding
    Periodic Check Your Understanding questions within the chapter keep students on track.

Extend Learning

  • Stop and Jot
    Stop and Jot features provide opportunities for students to reflect on the topic.
  • Activities
    Activity features promote critical thinking.
  • Focus on Diversity
    Focus on Diversity features provide a different perspective on important topics.

End-of-Chapter Activities

  • Teacher’s Journal
    Teacher’s Journal prompts students to track their progress.
  • Observations and Interviews
    Observations and Interviews encourages students to interact with active teachers.
  • Professional Portfolio
    Professional Portfolio helps students develop a portfolio for the next steps in their development.

Access and interact with the Foundations of Teaching content to promote learning


Program Overview

See how the curriculum covers key topics to prepare students for a career path in education.


Interactive eText Overview

Tour the engaging features of the Bookshelf by VitalSource® Student eText.

Online Platform for Foundations of Teaching CTE Program

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The Bookshelf by VitalSource eText platform features include search and navigation, bookmarking, note taking, creating personalized study tools and more. Students can access content anytime, anywhere, including 100% offline access. The latest enhancements to the platform include AI generated assessment questions called Bookshelf CoachMe®.

Additional Foundations of Teaching Resources

  • Downloadable Teacher Resources
  • Student Activity Manual
  • Teacher’s Wraparound Edition
  • Test Bank with TestGen®
  • Visual Aid Presentations

Downloadable Teacher Resources

Access the complete collection of Teacher Resources provided for Foundations of Teaching.

Download Teacher Resources

Student Activity Manual

The Student Activity Manual provides hands-on practice activities that extend concepts and reinforce learning.


Teacher’s Wraparound Edition

The valuable Teacher’s Wraparound Edition includes the student edition page with point-of-use teaching tips, discussion questions, vocabulary support, and lesson plan suggestions for less advanced, more advanced and special needs students.


Test Bank with TestGen®

The Test Bank includes multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and True/False questions for each chapter. TestGen helps you quickly create paper quizzes and tests that supplement the content in your textbook, without creating extra work for the teacher.


Visual Aid Presentations

Available in both PowerPoint® and Articulate Rise, begin each class session with an engaging review of objectives and key vocabulary terms.


Frequently asked questions about Foundations of Teaching

  • What topics are included in the Table of Contents?
    Part I: The Teaching Profession
    Chapter 1: Teaching: Your Chosen Career
    Chapter 2: Today’s Teachers
    Chapter 3: Today’s Students
    Chapter 4: Today’s Schools
    Chapter 5: Mental Health


    Part 2: The Art of Teaching
    Chapter 6: Philosophical Foundations of U.S. Education
    Chapter 7: Addressing Learners’ Individual Needs
    Chapter 8: Creating a Community of Learners
    Chapter 9: Curriculum, Standards, Assessment, and Student Learning
    Chapter 10: Integrating Technology and Innovation in the Classroom


    Part 3: Foundations of Our Educational System
    Chapter 11: Historical Foundations of U.S. Education
    Chapter 12: Governance and Finance of U.S. Schools
    Chapter 13: Ethical and Legal Issues in U.S. Education
    Chapter 14: Becoming a Professional Teacher
  • What grade levels is this text appropriate for?
    Grades 9 - 12
  • What types of courses is this text best suited for?
    This program is designed for Introduction to Teaching or Teaching as a Profession courses.
  • Does this course align to any industry certifications?
    Yes. Foundations of Teaching, 1st Edition prepares students for the Teaching as a Profession 1 & 2 certification exams offered by YouScience™.
  • What Student Resources are available?
    Available Student Resources include the print Student Edition, Student Activity Guide, and Student Edition eText on Bookshelf by VitalSource®.
  • What Teacher Resources are available?
    Available Teacher Resources include the Wraparound Teacher’s Edition, TestGen® Test Bank, PowerPoint® presentations, and Dynamic Rise Presentations.
  • What are the digital license options?
    Student access to the eText on Bookshelf by VitalSource® can be purchased for 1 or 6 years.

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