Pathways to Career Success, 1st Edition © 2024

Pathways to Career Success, published by Pearson, invites students to explore a broad range of opportunities while learning the qualities of successful professionals.

  • Explore individual aptitudes and interests
  • Discover education requirements for various careers
  • Learn the value of industry credentials and certification
  • Emphasize professionalism in all careers
  • Prepare student for Industry-Recognized Certification

Guide the next generation in exploration and preparation for success

Students investigate a wide variety of career possibilities and envision themselves as productive, successful citizens.


Identify Roles and Responsibilities

Students learn to associate career fulfillment with overall well being.


Prepare to Enter the Workforce

Students learn the essential skills of a job search, building a resume and portfolio, interviewing and evaluating job offers.


Succeeding in a Career

Extend career learning to skills that will help students flourish in the workplace including building relationships, performance reviews, and transitioning to new positions.


Preparing for Certification

Pathways to Career Success
meets the standards for the Preparing for College and Careers Exam from YouScience™.

Inspire students to envision a career through a well-organized, engaging curriculum.

  • Student-Friendly Design
  • Promote Critical Thinking
  • Activities & Review

Student-Friendly Design

  • Career Preparation
    Career preparation delivered in the context of skill development
  • Charts and Graphs
    Charts and graphs visually define education requirements, compensation and more.
  • Sample Occupations
    Sample occupations broken down within each pathway.

Promote Critical Thinking

  • Career Tips
    Career Tips enable students to further explore specific occupations.
  • Career Trends
    Career Trends provide insight into the fastest growing careers of the future.
  • Career Profiles
    Career Profiles highlight the benefits and demands of a variety of jobs.

Activities & Review

  • Case Studies
    Case Studies feature real-world scenarios with a variety of decision paths.
  • Web Extra and Write Now
    Web Extra and Write Now activities prompt students to dig deeper in each topic.
  • Career Ready Practices
    Career Ready Practices have students divide into teams to investigate and report on exciting career opportunities.

Access and interact with the Pathways to Career Success content to promote learning


Interactive eText Overview

Tour the engaging features of the Bookshelf by VitalSource® Student eText.

Online Platform for your Pathways to Career Success CTE Program

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The Bookshelf by VitalSource eText platform features include search and navigation, bookmarking, note taking, creating personalized study tools and more. Students can access content anytime, anywhere, including 100% offline access. The latest enhancements to the platform include AI generated assessment questions called Bookshelf CoachMe®.

Additional Resources for Pathways to Career Success

  • Downloadable Teacher Resources
  • Teacher’s Wraparound Edition
  • Student Activity Manual
  • Test Bank with TestGen®
  • Visual Aid Presentations

Downloadable Teacher Resources

Access the complete collection of Teacher Resources provided for Pathways to Career Success, 1st Edition.

Download Teacher Resources

Teacher’s Wraparound Edition

The valuable print Teacher’s Wraparound Edition includes the student edition page with point-of-use teaching tips, discussion questions, vocabulary support, and lesson plan suggestions for less advanced, more advanced and special needs students.


Student Activity Manual

The print Student Activity Manual provides hands-on practice activities that extend concepts, reinforce learning and provide engagement for a variety of learning styles.


Test Bank with TestGen®

The Test Bank includes multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and True/False questions for each chapter. TestGen helps you quickly create paper quizzes and tests that supplement the content in your textbook, without creating extra work for the teacher.


Visual Aid Presentations

Available in both PowerPoint® and Articulate Rise, begin each class session with an engaging review of objectives and key vocabulary terms.


Frequently asked questions about Pathways to Career Success

  • What topics are included in the Table of Contents?

    Part I: Careers and You
    1. The Roles You Play
    2. Why we Work
    3. Your Personal Strengths
    4. Exploring the Career Clusters
    5. Career Planning

    Part II: Career Preparation
    6. Academic Planning
    7. Skills for Success
    8. Communicating with Others
    9. Building Relationships
    10. Technology and Your Career
    11. Living a Healthy and Balanced Life

    Part III: Career Development
    12. Managing a Job Search
    13. Getting Started in Your Career
    14. Being Productive in Your Career
    15. Think like an Entrepreneur

    Part IV: Financial Management
    16. Personal Money Management
    17. Personal Financial Planning
  • What grade levels is this text appropriate for?
    Grades 7-12
  • What types of courses is this text best suited for?
    This program is designed for Introduction to Careers, Career Explorations, and Career Skills courses.
  • Does this text prepare students for any industry recognized certification?
    Yes. Pathways to Career Success meets the standards for the Preparing for College and Careers Exam from YouScience™.
  • What Student Resources are available?
    Available Student Resources include the print Student Edition, Student Activity Manual, and Student Edition eText on the Bookshelf by VitalSource® platform.
  • What Teacher Resources are available?
    Available Teacher Resources include the print Wraparound Teacher’s Edition, TestGen® Test Bank, Student Activity Guide Answer Keys, PowerPoint® presentations, and Dynamic Rise Presentations.
  • What are the digital license options?
    Student digital access to the Bookshelf by VitalSource® eText can be purchased for 1 or 6 years.

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