myPerspectives Texas Adopted by the Texas State Board of Education


IRVING, Texas, November 21, 2019 — Pearson K12 Learning announced today that the Texas State Board of Education has adopted its new myPerspectives Texas English Language Arts I-IV ©2021, providing high schools throughout the state the opportunity to implement a next-generation learning program that engages students with dynamic reading and writing experiences and meets 100 percent of the state’s standards.

Built to be fully aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the state’s English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), myPerspective Texas transforms the classroom of today into an interactive learning environment that fosters higher achievement and prepares each student for college and career success.

“Texas is leading the way in creating standards for English Language Arts instruction that are among the highest in the country. We are so excited that myPerspectives Texas has been adopted by the state,” said Leigh Ann Garcia, Pearson K12 Learning’s vice president of Literacy. “This resource provides powerful teaching opportunities through diverse, multi-genre texts, purposeful technology, and rigorous reading, writing, and speaking opportunities that come together to create a student-centered, literacy-rich classroom for a new generation of learners.”

Offering real-world learning experiences, classic and contemporary texts, flexible resources, and researched-based pedagogy from noted researchers and authors, myPerspectives Texas is a powerful English Language Arts (ELA) program that prepares students for the TEKS-based assessments and college admissions exams, such as the SAT/ACT.

It also features exclusive tools like Realize playlists, which give teachers the freedom to edit and rearrange content, upload files, add novels, and create their own playlists to save time and teach their way, and Hook & Inspire texts, which allow teachers to use engaging videos, infographics, songs, articles, and media to make classic literature, such as a 400-year-old Shakespeare play, relevant to today’s learners.

What sets the program apart, explained Kelly Gallagher, myPerspectives Texas author and veteran English teacher, is that it promotes both collaborative and self-directed learning that reflect real-world college and workplace experiences — where individuals work in larger groups, collaborate in small teams, and work on their own.

“The myPerspectives classroom is dynamic,” Gallagher said. “The teacher inspires, models, instructs, facilitates, and advises students as they evolve and grow. When teachers guide students through meaningful learning tasks and then pass them ownership of their own learning, students become engaged and work harder. This is how we make a difference in student achievement — by putting students at the center of their learning and giving them the opportunities to choose, explore, collaborate, and work independently.”


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