Savvas Learning Company Announces All of Its Science Submissions Were Approved by Virginia Education Committee and Now Await Final Board Approval


PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY — Aug. 5, 2020 — Savvas Learning Company is proud to announce that it is one of only two K-12 learning solutions providers selected by the Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) textbook review committee to deliver the complete middle school science curriculum with its Virginia Elevate Science program.

All of Savvas Learning Company’s science submissions to the VDOE, including biology and chemistry programs for high school students, passed state review and have been placed on a list of textbooks submitted to the Virginia Board of Education for final approval. The board is scheduled to take action next month.

As part of its submission, Savvas developed Virginia-specific, 2021 copyright programs that are fully aligned to the Virginia 2018 Science Standards of Learning and the Virginia Curriculum Framework. The Savvas science programs that the VDOE committee selected include:

  • Virginia Elevate Science™ focuses on analysis, critical thinking, and designing solutions as students explore real-world topics and everyday phenomena.
  • Virginia Miller & Levine Biology™, based on the nation’s best-selling high school biology program, immerses high school students in biological inquiry where they interact with natural phenomena through problem-based learning, scientific reasoning, and case studies.
  • Virginia Experience Chemistry™, a brand new innovative approach to teaching chemistry, gets high school students to investigate real, compelling phenomena and experience how chemistry relates to their everyday lives.

"We greatly value our strong partnership with Virginia school districts and made a significant investment to create customized science programs to support every learner in Virginia,” said Ros Kane, Savvas Learning Company’s vice president of product management and marketing for science and humanities. “We are thrilled that Virginia education officials recognize the high-quality of our curricula. Our science programs provide personalized opportunities for open-ended exploration and real-world learning to prepare students for college, career, and beyond.”


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