Results From ESSA Studies Show the Entire enVision K-12 Math Series Helps Students Attain Significantly Higher Achievement in Math

Savvas Learning Company’s highly effective math programs achieved ESSA Level 2 Evidence for their positive impact on learning outcomes


PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY — September 29, 2023 — Savvas Learning Company, a next-generation K-12 learning solutions leader, is excited to announce that its award-winning enVision K-12 math series has met the ESSA Level 2 Evidence Standard by demonstrating a positive effect on student performance, according to three recent studies.

ESSA, formally known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, is the federal K-12 education law requiring that all students in America be taught to high academic standards that will prepare them to succeed in college and careers. ESSA provides states and school districts guidance as well as flexibility in selecting evidence-based learning solutions that have demonstrated a positive effect on student performance.

Recent quasi-experimental design studies were conducted on the enVision Common Core K-12 series to determine its effectiveness in increasing student math achievement. The series includes enVision Mathematics for grades K-5 and 6-8, as well as two high school programs: enVision A|G|A (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2) and enVision Integrated Mathematics, which feature the same content delivered in different sequences.

These studies demonstrated that all of the enVision programs meet ESSA Level 2 Evidence, which is the highest level a quasi-experimental design study can receive. Schools using the enVision K-12 programs showed significantly higher math proficiency than those that were not using the programs. The proficiency rates for students using enVision Mathematics were 4.4 and 4.34 percentile points higher for students in grades 3-5 and 6-8, respectively. For students using enVision A|G|A and enVision Integrated Mathematics, proficiency rates were 3.74 percentile points higher. The study samples were diverse, encompassing a wide range of students that included many who are underserved.

“The enVision K-12 math series helps educators teach with confidence knowing that they have the highest-quality math instructional materials at their fingertips,” said Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Savvas Learning Company. “The results from these studies further prove the efficacy of enVision, demonstrating that the full line of its K-12 programs have a positive impact and can help students attain statistically significant higher achievement levels in mathematics.”

The enVision Common Core K-12 series has also received from EdReports “All-Green” ratings, the highest tier within EdReports’ ratings scale. EdReports, the highly regarded, independent nonprofit, seeks to improve education by providing reviews of K-12 instructional materials and applying evidence-based analysis in evaluating programs. By giving “All-Green” ratings to each enVision Common Core program, EdReports determined that the full math series consistently delivers high-quality, standards-aligned instructional material across all grade levels.

Savvas recently introduced new editions of its enVision K-12 math series, including enVision Mathematics © 2024 Grades K-5, enVision Mathematics © 2024 Grades 6-8, enVision A|G|A © 2024 (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2), and enVision Integrated Mathematics © 2024. These new programs, which are based on the groundbreaking, evidence-based pedagogy from prior enVision editions, are packed with even more student-centered activities that engage learners in real-world, meaningful math, along with a variety of new instructional support tools to save teachers time while offering them flexibility for lesson planning. Brand-new family engagement resources also have been added to support student learning at home.


At Savvas, we believe learning should inspire. By combining new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of interacting, we design next-generation learning solutions that help prepare students to become global citizens in a more interconnected, digital world. To learn more, visit Savvas Learning Company.

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