Savvas Learning Company’s SuccessMaker Meets ESSA Level 2 Requirements

Recent studies demonstrate the personalized math and reading programs’ positive impact on student outcomes


PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY — January 18, 2024 — Savvas Learning Company, a next-generation K-12 learning solutions leader, today announced that SuccessMaker, its continuously-adaptive, personalized learning math and reading programs for all K-8 students, met ESSA Level 2 evidence standards by demonstrating significantly higher math proficiency and reading gains for students.

ESSA, formally known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, is the federal K-12 education law requiring that all students in America be taught to high academic standards that will prepare them to succeed in college and careers. ESSA provides states and school districts guidance as well as flexibility in selecting evidence-based learning solutions that have demonstrated a positive effect on student performance.

Two separate quasi-experimental design studies determined that students using SuccessMaker showed statistically significant greater math and reading performance over control students who were not using SuccessMaker. The recent studies — conducted by independent researchers following the post-pandemic return to in-person learning — demonstrated that SuccessMaker meets the ESSA Level 2 evidence standard, the highest level a quasi-experimental design study can receive.

SuccessMaker personalizes and differentiates learning for every student and provides educators with real-time insights on student mastery and growth. Powered by adaptive technology, the program automatically gives each student just the right targeted scaffolding, feedback, or additional instruction, right when they need it. The program forecasts student performance based on their up-to-the-minute usage, then prescribes the exact amount of weekly usage each student needs to reach their target learning goals. Since SuccessMaker never stops instruction to administer a test, teachers never need to wait for a benchmark assessment period to get a real-time view of student mastery and growth.

SuccessMaker delivers a high-quality, personalized learning experience that helps all students make greater learning gains more quickly, which has been proven in the breadth and depth of prior research on the program,” said Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Savvas Learning Company. “With recent enhancements to SuccessMaker that make its instructional resources even more engaging and flexible, these latest study results underscore the continued efficacy and positive impact of SuccessMaker as a way to close post-pandemic learning gaps through personalized differentiated instruction.”

The evidence-based program is uniquely designed to supplement core mathematics and ELA instruction through an instructional design that accelerates achievement for all learners. SuccessMaker Math, based on the principles and strands recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, enables students to work on content from multiple math strands in each session. SuccessMaker Reading, grounded in the Science of Reading, offers explicit instruction in foundational skills, vocabulary, and comprehension.

The recently conducted quasi-experimental studies add to the impressive body of research behind SuccessMaker, which has been rigorously and repeatedly tested for efficacy through both experimental and quasi-experimental design studies to determine how well the program meets the diverse needs of all learners. Through these studies, SuccessMaker has met both ESSA Level 1 and 2 evidence standards by demonstrating statistically significant and positive effects on student outcomes.

Findings from these studies may be downloaded from the Savvas ESSA webpage.


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