Advanced Reading, Writing, and Knowledge Development for Elementary Students


Professional Learning with Dr. Alfred W. Tatum

The Science of Reading has shown the best ways to help today’s students develop strong reading skills.

How do we keep that momentum going throughout the elementary grades (and beyond) and move our students toward advanced reading, writing, and knowledge development?

Watch this free, one-hour webinar featuring award-winning author, literacy researcher, and professor Dr. Alfred W. Tatum as he explores the skills and knowledge students need to achieve advanced levels of literacy development.

Photograph of Dr. Alfred W. Tatum, literacy researcher, professor, and author

During this on-demand webinar, Dr. Tatum will share:

  • Specific strategies for advancing students’ literacy development (such as word study, fluency, and comprehension monitoring)
  • Best practices for instruction, curricula, and assessment to support literacy growth
  • Real-world artifacts and examples from the elementary grades
  • Actionable tips for district leaders, principals, literacy specialists, and teachers

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