Put the Science of Reading in Action: Best Practices for Reading Instruction


Professional Learning with Dr. Sharon Vaughn

What does the Science of Reading look like in practice?

The Science of Reading is a vast body of research into how students learn to read and which evidence-based best practices promote students’ reading development. Understanding and integrating that research into daily reading instruction can help improve student outcomes.

Watch this free, one-hour webinar featuring researcher, professor, and author Dr. Sharon Vaughn as she shares practical, real-world strategies for incorporating the Science of Reading into today’s elementary classrooms.

Photograph of Dr. Sharon Vaughn, literacy researcher, professor, and author

During this on-demand webinar, Dr. Vaughn will:

  • Explain the Science of Reading in straightforward, practical terms
  • Identify specific strategies associated with improved outcomes for students
  • Provide helpful tips for aligning instruction with evidence-based best practices
  • Share classroom-ready activities to strengthen foundational reading skills

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