Outlier Online Dual Enrollment / Dual Credit Courses

Prepare your students for college and career success with a diverse catalog of 11 accredited college courses. All 100% online with unprecedented high school success rates.

Outlier Dual Enrollment

A new kind of dual enrollment. For the needs of tomorrow.

Imagine your students earning transferable college credits from the comfort of your classrooms. The world’s best professors teaching the most in-demand skills—right in your high school. No transportation costs, rigid schedules, or worries about student progress. With turn-key online courses in convenient 39-week cohorts, you can give your students a head start on their future—without all the stress.

Take a sneak peek inside the learning management system to see firsthand why one high school principal said, “The content, the delivery, the way it's shot—Our kids tune out very quickly, but Outlier’s content is so engaging they don't do that.”

Experience an Outlier Course for Yourself

Outlier Intro to Financial Accounting

Intro to Financial Accounting


Outlier Intro to Psychology

Intro to Psychology

Social Sciences

Outlier Intro to Statistics

Intro to Statistics


Outlier and University of Pitt
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Futuristic, Evidence-based Learning

Students enjoy cinematic lectures from top-rated instructors, plus interactive tools built by game designers and education experts to maximize retention and comprehension.

Outlier empowers your students to learn their way with mastery-based learning, unlimited tutoring in all math and writing courses, and 24/7 support.

Ultimate Flexibility + Visibility

Turn-key asynchronous courses with no minimum or maximum enrollment adapt to your unique scheduling and staffing needs. So your students can learn during any class period, with any teacher—no content expertise required.

Teachers enjoy complete visibility into student progress, including:

  • progress monitoring based on the course syllabus and schedule
  • grade pacing and forecasting based on student performance