Savvas Summer Programs

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Summer Solutions to Accelerate Learning

Bring students up to grade level this summer. Savvas Learning Company can help you plan and implement a high-quality, summer curriculum. Whether your summer learning program is aimed at closing learning gaps, preventing learning loss, or bringing students up to grade level, our high-quality, evidence-based solutions meet students’ diverse needs and support staff with varied teaching experience.

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Savvas Summer Impact

Easy-to-implement, curated curriculum for Reading (K-8) and/or Math (K-Algebra 1)

  • Focus on grade-level instructional priorities
  • Engaging for students, easy to use for staff
  • 6 weeks, 3-5 lessons per week


Momentum Screener & Diagnostic - Math
Momentum Screener & Diagnostic - Literacy

Data and resources to guide K-8 Literacy and Math instruction, delivered on Savvas Realize®

  • Screener identifies a student’s baseline
  • Diagnostics pinpoint strengths and needs
  • Targeted instructional resources solidify learning


Savvas Essentials® : Foundational Reading

Explicit focus on K-2 foundational reading skills

  • Pre-made lessons for all beginning readers
  • Target concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, plus high-frequency words


Savvas One® for Summer

Digital access to our best-selling K-12 programs

  • Mix-and-match lessons and resources
  • Access curated, high-quality content
  • Includes ready-to-use 6-week curriculum
  • Includes Momentum Screener & Diagnostic - Math and Literacy


Support & Resources

  • Savvas Realize®
    All Your Summer Resources in One Place Online
  • Savvas Professional Learning
    Training from Anywhere at Any Time
  • ESSER Funding Guidance
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