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Accelerate Reading Proficiency in Middle and High School


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Are you looking for ways to provide personalized reading practice that accelerates the reading proficiency of all students in Grades 6 and up?

Designed to complement core ELA instruction, iLit™20 builds all students’ capacity to read and respond to increasingly complex texts.

The digital program accelerates literacy skills for all students through automatic adaptive nonfiction weekly reading assignments and independent reading from a diverse library of 2500+ nonfiction and fiction texts. 

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Why choose iLit20?

  • Designed for use 20 minutes a day, 3-5 times per week
  • Adaptive performance-based instruction increases students’ capacity to read more complex texts
  • Student reading levels are automatically adjusted based on performance
  • Digital library of 2500+ high-interest fiction and nonfiction books, with titles automatically recommended based on students' interests and reading level
  • Students take the norm-referenced GRADE™ reading assessment right in the program to set their reading level and measure growth 3x per year
  • Translations available in 100+ languages to support multilingual learners
  • Adaptive foundational skill study plans available for students who need them
  • Optional assignable adaptive study plans in grammar, vocabulary, and spelling

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