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Engaged students are more inspired to learn, which in turn positively impacts their academic growth. With a focus on increasing student engagement, Savvas puts students at the center of their learning with interactive content and real-world experiences. Our evidence-based, easy-to-implement programs support teachers with what they need to personalize instruction and accelerate learning, helping all students achieve.


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“At Savvas, we are committed to empowering educators with the highest-quality instructional materials and effective teaching strategies to increase student achievement.”

 Bethlam Forsa CEO of Savvas Learning Company

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New Math and Literacy Solutions for Student-Centered Learning

High-quality instructional resources to empower educators. Personalized learning to inspire all students. Introducing a new student-centered math solution and new editions to our popular, core literacy programs.

  • Experience Math
  • myView Literacy
  • myPerspectives English Language Arts

Student-Centered Math Program for K-8

  • Blended materials make it easy to engage students through exploration and hands-on learning.
  • Three-part lesson model encourages students to be active mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Embedded instructional insights and point-of-use professional development videos help teachers facilitate meaningful and productive learning environments.

  • Developed by Dr. Marian Small, internationally renowned mathematics educator, author, and professional learning consultant, in collaboration with contributing author Graham Fletcher, a math classroom teacher, instructional lead, and math specialist who is the co-author of two Building Fact Fluency books.

Classroom-Tested Literacy Program for K-5

  • Rooted in the Science of Reading to ensure students develop strong phonemic awareness, phonics skills, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies.
  • New daily foundational skills instruction follows an easy-to-teach sequence proven to increase reading achievement and close skills gaps.
  • More student practice opportunities and an increased focus on foundational writing instruction.
  • Streamlined navigation and improved ease of use for students and teachers.

Student-Centered ELA Program for 6-12

New Edition!

  • Highly successful, evidence-based approach and standards-aligned program that improves student outcomes.
  • Dynamic reading and writing experiences help students become critical thinkers, skilled readers, and effective communicators.
  • More reading, writing, and multilingual support and differentiated teaching options to increase student engagement.
  • Enhanced digital functionality and flexibility on Savvas Realize.


Adaptive Technology for Personalized Learning in Math and Reading

New High School Mathematics Content

SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math is a new intervention solution that provides personalized adaptive instruction for high school students who haven’t yet mastered the prerequisite skills they need to be successful in high school classes like Algebra 1, Geometry, or Mathematics I.

  • Adaptive engine provides each student with an individualized learning pathway that addresses their specific instructional needs.
  • High school content selected based on coherence and connection to middle grades math standards.
  • An ideal asynchronous intervention resource for high school students who need more support to succeed in math.

Explore SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math

New SuccessMaker Student Dashboard

SuccessMaker — our popular, evidence-based personalized learning program for reading and math — uses continuously adaptive technology to provide teachers with real-time insights into students’ mastery and progress data. Combining assessments and curriculum all on one platform, SuccessMaker works like an online personal tutor for students, adjusting in real time to student performance with each response.

  • Grades K-8 Reading and Math.
  • NEW! Empower students to monitor their own learning. The student dashboard makes it easy for learners to track their own progress and see their recent session performance.
  • NEW! High school math content is included in SuccessMaker, offering acceleration for middle grades students who are ready for a challenge.

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Assess Student Growth — Throughout the School Year!


Savvas - Is Your Instruction Aligned to the Science of Reading?

The Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite gives educators the tools to easily measure student growth along with insights and instructional resources, to help them make informed decisions for whole class, small group, and individual learning. The Momentum Assessment Suite includes Savvas screeners and diagnostic assessments for grades K-8 math and literacy. Equipped with multistage adaptive technology, they offer data-driven insights with standards-based instructional content recommendations to help teachers tailor instruction and address students’ individual learning needs.

For use on their own or with popular Savvas core programs such as enVision Mathematics, myView Literacy, and myPerspectives ELA.




For back to school, Savvas is introducing MSDA + Growth Assessments, now offering new mid-year and year-end growth assessments. When combined with the beginning-of-year screener and diagnostic assessments, these tools enable educators to monitor student progress and skills proficiency throughout the school year.


Easily administered via Savvas Realize, MSDA + Growth gives K-8 teachers even more insights to help identify each student’s greatest opportunities for growth.
District-level report visualizations make monitoring district assessment administration and student performance easy and efficient.




Professional Learning Webinar Series Sponsored by Savvas Learning Company

Empowering Educators in the Science of Reading

Young-Suk Kim, Ph.D.

Dr. Young-Suk Kim (informally known as Young) is a professor and Senior Associate Dean at the School of Education, University of California, Irvine. A former classroom teacher, she focuses on language and literacy development and effective instruction for diverse students, aiming to provide them with a strong educational foundation for long-term success.

Dr. Kim’s extensive research encompasses various aspects of literacy, including written composition, reading comprehension, reading fluency, oral language, listening comprehension, dyslexia, higher-order cognitive skills, and reading-writing relations. Her research has received over $60 million in grants from the Institute of Education Sciences, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the National Science Foundation.

Currently, Dr. Kim holds the positions of Editor-In-Chief for Scientific Studies of Reading and Chair of the Vocabulary SIG for the American Educational Research Association.

Alfred W. Tatum, Ph.D.

Dr. Alfred W. Tatum is a Literacy Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver and currently serves as President-Elect of the Literacy Research Association. His current research focuses on moving children and adolescents toward advanced reading, writing, and intellectual development.

An award-winning author, Dr. Tatum has authored 87 publications focused on the literacy development of African-American boys, including Teaching Reading to Black Adolescent Males: Closing the Achievement Gap (2005), Reading for Their Life: (Re)Building the Textual Lineages of African American Adolescent Males (2009), Fearless Voices: Engaging a New Generation of African American Adolescent Male Writers (2013), and Teaching Black Boys in the Elementary Grades: Advanced Disciplinary Reading and Writing to Secure Their Futures (2021).

Dr. Tatum earned his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he served as Dean of the College of Education for seven years and Reading Clinic Director for 14 years.

Sharon Vaughn, Ph.D.

Sharon Vaughn, Ph.D. is the Manuel J. Justiz Endowed Chair in Education and Executive Director of the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk at The University of Texas at Austin.

With more than 30 years of experience in teacher education, Dr. Vaughn is a prolific author and researcher who has conducted more than 60 experimental studies in school settings, written over 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals (such as the Journal of Educational Psychology, Elementary School Journal, and Reading Research Quarterly), and published more than 50 intervention studies.

Dr. Vaughn has received numerous awards, including the CEC research award, the SIG American Education Research Association Distinguished Researcher Award, and IRA and School Psychology awards for best published article. She was also the first woman to receive the Research Excellence Award at the University of Texas. She serves as an adviser to numerous state departments of education.

This fall, enjoy free professional learning with Savvas Learning Company. Join renowned education experts as they share research-based insights, strategies, and tips for promoting students’ literacy development in the elementary grades. Thanks to our partnership with edWeb, webinar participants may be able to earn Continuing Education certificates for each webinar.


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  • “Unlock the Power of Writing: Developing Reading and Writing Skills” with acclaimed researcher and literacy expert Young-Suk Kim, Ph.D.
  • “Advanced Reading, Writing, and Knowledge Development for Elementary Students” with award-winning author and professor Alfred W. Tatum, Ph.D.
  • “Put the Science of Reading in Action: Best Practices for Reading Instruction” with renowned researcher and author Sharon Vaughn, Ph.D.

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